2017-07-20 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (July 20), authors can quickly create engaging content by leveraging the new Enhanced Embedding feature. Programs can now be shared with sub accounts. Learners will receive additional registration instructions when signing up for a live training session that has been associated with a web conference registration link. Bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Enhanced Embedding

Bridge allows authors to embed content from external sites directly into Bridge courses using a new Embedly integration. This Enhanced Embedding feature supports a huge variety of content providers that give authors a way to share interactive maps, documents, and rich media securely and correctly to every learner on any device. The ability to quickly and easily embed content from other sources allows authors to create incredibly engaging courses for their learners. See our full list of supported content providers. For more information and use cases, please visit ourThe specified item was not found..


enhanced embedding.png



Program Sharing

Programs can be shared from a top level account to any or all sub accounts using the access toggle on the Program Detail page. Shared programs can be made available for optional enrollment through the sub account’s Learning Library or assigned to the sub account’s learners. Sharing a program will automatically share all learning items within the program. Top level admins cannot disable access to any course, live training, or task that is being shared as part of a program. Sub account users cannot edit or add courses, live trainings, and tasks to shared programs. However, individual live training sessions can be created at the sub account level for live trainings that originated from the shared program.


program sharing.png



Updated Features


Web Conference Registration Links

Bridge allows admins to include an external registration link for live training sessions with web conferencing enabled. When learners register for a session that has an external registration link, the learner will be prompted to navigate to the site where further registration is required. The registration link will also be included in live training session registration emails.


web conference registration.png



Fixed Bugs


Hyperlinks in Courses

Hyperlinks can be added to text that may contain a hard return at the end of the word or phrase. Previously, authors were unable to add a hyperlink to highlighted text if a hard return was included in the highlighted area. Additionally, the selected text would be deleted after an author attempted to add the hyperlink.

Learning Library Enrollment

Learners will be successfully redirected to the program or course after enrolling through the Learning Library. Previously, learners were being redirected to the program or course before their enrollment had been created, resulting in a 404 error message.



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