2017-07-13 New Bridge Features

Document created by Demi Kureghian (Miles) Employee on Jul 14, 2017
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In this production release (July 13), the search and highlight functionality has been updated. Bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)


Updated Features

Highlight Search Results

The highlighting style has been updated to include search terms in any order. For example, the title “Quality 101” will be highlighted in a search for “101 Quality”. Additionally, matching terms will be highlighted in a yellow background rather than purple text.


Highlight Search Results.png



Fixed Bugs

Reporting on Deleted Live Training Sessions

Learners that have been marked as attended for a live training that has been subsequently deleted will be unregistered from the session. The enrollments export will also correctly reflect the new enrollment status from registered to invited. Previously, the learner’s status would remain listed as registered in the enrollments export.


Account Filter

The root account will be shown as the first option in the account filter on the Courses page. Previously, account filters did not contain the root account as a selectable option in accounts containing more than 20 sub accounts.


Managers with Custom Role

Managers who have been assigned a custom role which allows them to enroll people and groups are able to enroll their learners in courses, programs, and live trainings in accounts where the Limit Manager Permission option is enabled. Previously, managers with this added custom role were unable to enroll the My Learners group in any learning item.


Fine Tuning Reports

Managers in accounts with the Limit Manager Permissions setting enabled will not see programs or tags as options in the Fine Tune menu on the Reports page. Previously, managers with limited permissions were able to see these options but were presented with an error message when attempting to select them when fine tuning a report.


Case Sensitivity for Adding Roles

Roles are no longer case sensitive when being assigned to learners using a CSV file. Previously, roles would not be added to learners according to the CSV file if the role didn’t exactly match the upper and lowercase lettering of the role.


Reset Progress for Failed Courses

The Reset Progress dialogue box will not appear when hovering over a learner’s progress after the learner has permanently failed by exceeding the number of attempts to complete the course. Previously, the option to reset progress would appear but was not functional.


Task Enrollment Notifications

Learners who are already enrolled in a task will not receive a notification when the task enrollments are updated using a CSV file. Previously, notifications were being sent to newly enrolled learners as well as previously enrolled learners.


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