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This document includes the top known issues in Bridge that affect a significant number of companies and/or user roles. Not all existing issues will be included, and this document will be updated on an ongoing basis. For resolved issues, please see Bridge Resolved Issues.




Custom Support Contact Information



When custom support contact information is added under the "Manage Account" section of Bridge, the contact information is not shown to users unless the option is first enabled by our support department.


User Roles Affected

Account Admins



Navigating to Admin Dashboard with Accessibility View enabled



When a user has accessibility mode enabled, and they also have permissions to view the Admin Dashboard, toggling between Learner View and Admin View multiple times will result in the left hand navigation being removed. Requiring the user to refresh the page before they see the navigation menu again.


User Roles Affected

Authors, Managers, Admins



Masquerade Issues



Occasionally while masquerading as users within the account, the Stop Masquerading button appears to have no affect. This typically occurs when masquerading as multiple people or when multiple windows are open in the browser. While this issue is under investigation, clearing the cache and cookies in your browser may be necessary to stop masquerading.


User Roles Affected

Admins, Custom Roles with the masquerade permission

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