2017-08-31 New Bridge Features

Document created by Demi Kureghian (Miles) Employee on Sep 1, 2017
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In this production release (August 31), authors can choose to have learners’ checkpoint completions approved by another Bridge user. Admins can manage session attendees in a list view. Genially has been added to the list of supported Embedly providers.  Several bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Checkpoint Approvals

Authors can choose to have learners’ Checkpoint completions approved by another Bridge user. The Requires Approval setting lets the author choose between requiring each learner’s manager, a specific learner, or member of a group approve the learners’ Checkpoint completions. Learners are able to include a comment with their request for approval. The designated approver sees requests for approval on their My Approvals page.


Designated approvers can comment and approve the completion or send it back to the learner for another attempt. Approved Checkpoints will be listed on the My Learning page. A timestamped record of all comments and submissions can been viewed by clicking the name of the Checkpoint and viewing the Checkpoint Activity page.


checkpoint approval.png



Live Training Session Attendee Management

Admins can switch between a grid and list view when managing attendees of a live training session. Admins are able to remove learners from specific sessions in the list view. Learners can be marked as attended in both views.


session attendee management.png



Updated Features



Enhanced Embedding Providers

Verse and wireWAX have been added to the list of supported providers for enhanced embedding in Bridge courses.



Fixed Bugs


Reset SCORM Course Progress

Admins can reset a learner’s progress in a SCORM course. Previously, admins were unable to reset SCORM course progress because the learner’s course progress status was incorrectly recorded as Not Started.


Completion Certificates in Sub Accounts

Sub account learners can view their completion certificates. Previously, learners were directed to view their certificates through a root account URL, which resulted in an error.


Updated Enrollment for Missed Live Training Sessions

If a learner is added to a concluded session and is marked absent, the learner's enrollment status changes from registered to invited. Previously, a learner’s enrollment status was set to registered and would not update once their attendance was changed from attended to absent.


Notifications for Manual Program Completions

Learners will not receive enrollment notification emails for courses in a program when an admin has manually marked the program as complete. Previously, marking a learner’s program progress complete would send an enrollment notification for each course in the program if the program had the Take in Order and Send notifications at each step settings enabled.