2017-08-17 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (August 17), authors can choose between disabling the due date and setting a time range for a course. The Admin and Manager Dashboard pages have been renamed to Insights in preparation for an upcoming feature change. Bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Course Due Date Settings

Authors can choose to between disabling the due date and setting a time range for a course. Learner enrollments in a course without a set due within time frame will still be marked as required, but they will not have an assigned due date.


Due date settings.png




Updated Features


Insights Page

The Dashboard page has been renamed to Insights. This terminology change was made in preparation for a future feature update. No functionality has been affected.






Fixed Bugs


Reset Progress and Attempts

The number of remaining attempts to pass a course will be reset when the learner’s course progress is reset. Additionally, learner’s progress can be reset if their enrollment is in a permanently failed state. Previously, the option to reset a learner’s permanently failed enrollment was visible but did not allow the progress to be reset.


Saved Account Settings

Changes to account settings will only be saved once an account admin clicks the save button. Clicking the save button on the Manage Accounts page will only apply to the current tab. Navigating to another tab on the Manage Account page discards any unsaved changes that have been made. Previously, changed settings were automatically saved when an account admin edited an account setting, navigated to another tab, and enabled or disabled a feature.



Adding Users to Groups Using CSV

Users can be added to a group using a CSV that may contain one or more users who are already in the group. Previously, the CSV upload would fail to update the group if the CSV file contained any users who were currently included in the group.