How do I use the 1on1 Agenda page in Bridge Perform?

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The 1on1 page includes a 1on1 agenda that shows tasks and achievements that have been added by you and your manager.

View Global Navigation

  Global Navigation 

In the Global Navigation menu, click the 1on1 link.

View 1on1 Page

  1on1 Page 

The 1on1 page includes the agenda shared between you and your manager [1], as well as agendas that you have shared with your peers [2].

Click the View 1on1 Agenda link to view and edit agenda details [3].

View 1on1 Agenda Page

  1on1 Agenda Page 

The 1on1 Agenda page includes an active 1on1 agenda [1], private notes [2], and 1on1 agenda history [3]. 

View Agenda Items

View Active Agenda

The active 1on1 agenda includes a shared agenda [1], notes (if applicable) [2], task list [3], and employee goals [4]. The agenda also includes achievements and learning courses.

Agenda items and tasks can be added to your agenda.

The active agenda can only be marked as complete by your manager. Once the agenda is marked complete, agenda items and incomplete tasks are automatically carried over to your next 1on1 agenda. 

Reorder Agenda Items

  Reorder Agenda Items  

You can use the drag and drop option to reorder agenda items. Click the drag handle next to the agenda item. Drop the agenda item in the desired location by releasing the mouse.

View Private Notes

Private Notes Field

Private notes are only visible to you and cannot be viewed by your manager or Bridge administrator. Private notes will be shown next to the current agenda and will be archived with the associated agenda when your manager marks the 1on1 session as complete.

To add a private note, click the Private Notes link, then add your text. 

View Past Agendas

View Past Agendas

Past agendas are listed below the active agenda in chronological order.

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