2017-09-07 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (September 7), authors can attach files to checkpoints. CodePen and jsFiddle have been added to the list of supported Embedly providers. Several bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Checkpoint Attachments

Attachments can be added to checkpoints to provide extra resources or instructions for learners who are enrolled in the checkpoint. Attachments can only be viewed by the enrolled learner and the designated approver.


checkpoint attachment.png




Updated Features



Enhanced Embedding Providers

CodePen and jsFiddle have been added to the list of supported providers for enhanced embedding in Bridge courses.


Note: This update will be implemented on September 12.



Fixed Bugs


Courses Shared via Programs

Courses that are shared with a sub account as part of a program will have sub account access revoked if the program is removed from the sub account. Previously, if a program was shared with a sub account, the included courses would remain shared with the sub account after sub account access was switched off or the program was deleted.


Removing Re-enrollments via CSV

Admins can remove learners from a course using a CSV upload. Previously, admins were unable to remove learners who had been automatically enrolled in a course using the Re-enroll feature.


Setting Custom Roles in Sub Accounts

Account admins can assign custom roles in sub accounts using a CSV upload. Previously, learners’ roles would not be updated after using a CSV file to assign a custom role in a sub account.


Deleted Learners and Auto-Provisioning

A deleted learner’s account is restored if the learner logs back into an account using auto-provisioning and external authentication. This account restoration ensures the learner’s historical learning data is also restored. Previously, a new account would be created through auto-provisioning when a deleted learner logged into an account using external authentication.


Manual Completion by Admins

Admins can mark learner enrollments as complete and reset progress for a course. Previously, the Admin role and custom roles based on the Admin role did not include the ability to update a due date, update a score, or mark an enrollment as complete.


Embedded Videos

Authors can view embedded videos in fullscreen mode when previewing a course. Previously, fullscreen video would not be available when previewing a course.