2017-09-28 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (September 28), live training sessions can consist of several parts that span multiple dates. Additionally, time zones can be specified for live training sessions. Account admins in sub accounts can create API tokens for sub account users. Several bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Multi-Part Live Training Sessions

Live Training sessions can be separated into several dates and times using the Multi-Part live training session option. This option allows admins to conduct trainings over one or more days. When adding parts to a session, admins can add details such as title, date, time, location, and web conference information for each part. Live training session attendance can only be marked as either present or absent at the session level; attendance cannot be tracked per session part. Note that the capacity and time zone cannot be set at the session part level.


Multi-part session.png

Live Training Time Zones

Time zones can be specified for live training sessions by using the time zone drop-down menu. The selected time zone is included in the live training session details in the My Learning page, Calendar, and live training email notifications.


time zones for live trainings.png


Sub Account API Tokens

Account admins in sub accounts can generate API tokens for users in sub accounts. Tokens can be created on the Manage Account page in the API tab.


sub account api tokens.png


Fixed Bugs


All Time Date Range for Reports

Historical enrollment data is included in all reports when selecting the All Time time frame option. Previously, the All Time time frame only included data from the date of the account’s creation and did not include previously imported historical enrollment data.


Copying Shared Courses in Sub Accounts

Shared courses can be copied in a sub account. Previously, sub account admins would encounter an error message after attempting to copy a course that had been shared from a top level account.


Group Visibility in Programs

In a shared program, sub account admins cannot see enrolled groups from other sub accounts and the top level account. Previously, all groups that were enrolled in a shared program were visible across all sub accounts.


Roles in Sub Account User Export

The Role column in the Users Export CSV contains both default roles and custom roles. Previously, the Users Export CSV from sub accounts excluded custom roles.


Text Formatting of Headings in Courses

After adding a Heading 1 or Heading 2, correct line spacing is displayed after clicking the Enter key. Previously, no line spacing would be displayed after clicking the Enter key after header text.




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