2017-10-05 New Bridge Learn Features

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In this production release (October 5), account admins can specify password complexity requirements for users in their account. Several bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Password Complexity Requirements

Account admins can set password strength requirements to increase user security. The Password Requirements section in the Manage Account Settings page includes options to require uppercase letters, numbers, symbols, and a minimum number of characters. Each requirement can be enabled individually.




Fixed Bugs


Admin Report Filters

Account admins in accounts and sub accounts can filter reports. Previously, account admins were unable to view report filters if their account did not contain one or more sub accounts. Account admins of sub accounts were also unable to view report filters.


Sub Account Quiz Statistics

When visiting a sub account, managers with the Account Admin role can view the Average Score section in the Course Details page. Previously, when managers with the Account Admin role from the top level account viewed Course Details of a course in the sub account, the Average Score section did not load.


Sharable Manager Content

Courses created by managers can be included in a program and shared with sub accounts. Previously, programs containing a course created by a manager couldn’t be shared with sub accounts.


CSV Upload Count

Account admins can see an accurate upload count when a manual CSV upload is being processed regardless of the number of user records.  Previously, after processing 250 records, the CSV upload count would only update after each additional 1000 records had been processed.




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