Bridge Product Roadmap [2017 Q4]

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In reading the Bridge Product Roadmap there are four major phases that are important to be aware of:









Problems that we're exploring and would like to know more about specific user needs. These projects may be discontinued depending on what we discover.We have a good grasp on user need and we ask our teams to weigh in on design. These projects have been initiated but timeline for delivery is unknown.These are projects that are actively being built by our product teams and phases of these projects will likely (but not definitively) deliver in 90 days.






Global Navigation

To continue to provide a cohesive and easy to use experience for learners we are overhauling our navigation. This will be more intuitive but also provide more room for great features.

Checkpoint Enhancements

Authors will be able to upload supplemental files, have more flexibility with editing and set a due date. Learners will be able to upload files as evidence that they have completed the Checkpoint

Checkpoint and Course LTI Placements

With tools enabled with an LTI integration, Authors will be able to put assets from those tools in Checkpoints and in Courses, increasing the opportunities for content creation.

Admin Notification Controls

More granular settings for notifications will help Admins to be more strategic about what emails Bridge sends to Admins, Authors and Learners.

Live Training Instructor Field

When creating a Live Training, Authors can assign an instructor. This will give all users of the system greater visibility to who’s giving what trainings.

Private Libraries

Admins can use groups to better direct the content that learners by different attributes. In addition to a global library for your entire system, users could also see a departmental library of courses.






NOTE: All work planned are estimates. These are in no way commitments. The Bridge product team may make timeline adjustments according to new information that we learn about our users.