How do I use Assessments as a manager in Bridge Perform?

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As a manager, you can use assessments to measure your employee's job performance.

Open My Team Page

  Open My Team Page

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1], then click the My Team option [2].

Open Assessments

  View My Team Page

In the My Team navigation menu, click the Assessments link.

View Team Summary

  View Team Summary

The team summary defaults to the Skill Assessments tab [1] and displays job skills that have been included in your employees' assessments. If a job skill has not been used in an assessment within your team, it will not display in the team summary.

Click a job skill title [2] to view each employee's assessed mastery level for the skill.

The placement of the employee avatar [3] indicates the average mastery level chosen by assessors.

View Skill Coverage

  View Skill Coverage

To view a dynamic graphical representation of your employees' skill assessments, click the Skill Coverage link [1].

To view skill coverage for employees who share the same job title, select the job title from the Compare drop-down menu [2]. Employees with matching job titles are listed under the selected job title [3].

To include or exclude employees from the chart, click the employee's name or avatar [4]. The color of each employee name and avatar correspond to the representation in the chart.

You can choose which skills to include in the chart by selecting one or more skills from the Skills drop-down menu [5].

The skill coverage chart displays data from each employee's most recent skill assessment, and can be used to highlight commonalities and outliers of team skills. Employee's assessment results are displayed as a "spider web" data visualization, with each radii representing one assessed skill. The length of the data visualization along each radii is directly proportional to the average mastery level chosen by assessors.

Assess Skills


To create an assessment, click the Assess Skills button.

Select Employee


Select the employee's name from the drop-down menu.

Add Assessment Details


To provide context around the assessment, select an industry standard from the Standard drop-down menu [1].

Select one or more skills that you would like to include in the assessment [2].

To choose the employees you would like to complete the assessment, select the names from the Assessors drop-down menu [3].

Send Assessment


Click the Send button.

Assessors will be notified of the pending assessment. Assessments are due within 8 days from when the assessment is sent.

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