2017-10-19 New Bridge Learn Features

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In this Bridge Learn release, admins can view detailed error messages resulting from CSV imports. Admins can choose to enable evidence requirements for checkpoints. Several bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


CSV Import Logs

Admins can view detailed error messages from CSV imports in their account. The CSV Import Logs page lists the date when the CSV import was initiated, the user who uploaded the CSV, and the status of the import. CSV Imports with a status as Imported (# errors) and Failed display specific error messages for each applicable field. Admins can also see the original CSV file that resulted in the provided errors.



Checkpoint Evidence Requirements

Admins can choose to require learners upload a file before the checkpoint can be marked complete or submitted for approval. When the Require Evidence setting is enabled for a checkpoint, learners are presented with an Evidence section on the Checkpoint Instructions page. Files added to the checkpoint can be removed and added before the checkpoint is submitted for approval or marked complete. Approvers can download and view the attachment when reviewing the checkpoint.



Fixed Bugs


Sub Account Password Resets

Sub account users receive a password reset link for the sub account where the reset was requested. Previously, when a learner requested a password reset using their email address, the learner received a password reset link to the incorrect sub account if their email address was also present in another sub account.


Timezone in Sub Accounts

Account admins can set the timezone for their account. Previously, account admins were able to select a timezone for the sub account but the change would not be saved.


Custom Branding in Quizzes

Selected answers to questions are visible to learners in accounts with customized branding. Previously, the background of the quiz would change to white when an answer was submitted, making the white text of the selected answer difficult to read.


Group Enrollments for Users Added via CSV

Learners who are added to an account using a CSV file upload are added to group enrollments based on group membership. Previously, enrollments for group members who were added to an account using a CSV file upload were not added to courses, programs, etc. in which the group was enrolled.




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