Getting Started with Bridge Performance Management

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Important Note: The six Performance Management courses below are currently only available for clients on the US server.


To offer more flexibility on building out your learning strategy, Bridge offers six native Bridge courses to introduce you and your staff to the principles of performance management. These courses are fully customizable just like other Bridge courses and are included for free in each Bridge subscription.


Instructions: Below are the titles and the description of the Bridge native courses that are available for download. When you click the link, a course package will download and you can upload these into the Bridge instance that you can upload like SCORM package. Directions on how to do that can be found here. Repeat for each course that you'd like to upload.


To download all of the courses, click the Download Zip Bundle. To download each course individually, click Download Course next to your desired courses.
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Beyond the To Do List – Making 1:1s Effective

Managers tend to talk about to do lists. Why? Because it's easy and usually covers the most pressing needs. But what about career growth, future plans, engagement with the company and, heaven forbid, performance! Bridge Perform helps managers with effective agendas to help guide a 1:1 that gets results in the long run.

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Breaking Data Out of Dashboards

In some cases quantity isn't the bottom line. Data is one of those cases where it's only as effective as what it helps you do and not just tell you. Learn a thing or two in this course about how you can take your data to work.

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Employee Brand Building

How do you provide more visibility into the successes of your employees? How do you tell the story of an employee's performance at a company in more than a paragraph that only considers the last six months? Leveraging Bridge's Timeline tool can help you to curate the critical high (and low) points of an employee's company journey and help employees tell their value-add story.

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Learning to Fill Skills Gaps

An employee gets an assessment back and one of their competencies is really lagging. What are the avenues we can take to help that employee overcome weaknesses, even to the point of them becoming strengths? The integration between Bridge Perform and Bridge Learn is just the starting point in a toolbox that managers can leverage to build their employees and their teams to do more.

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Why 1:1s Matter

Not everyone has bought into the thought that 1:1s are critical for good employee engagement, alignment and performance. Help tell the story to your key stakeholders of why 1:1s are critical to help give and get the best from your employees.

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Taking Goals from Blah to Bam!

Goal setting is something we have done even before our corporate careers. Frankly, sometimes it can feel like a tired chore. Get more from your goal setting process and align the efforts of your employees behind the objectives of your company with Bridge Perform.

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"How to Use Bridge" Training Courses for Employee Development and Performance Management

New Course: Managing Categories & Tags

For courses on the learning management side of Bridge, please visit HERE.


In order to help train new employees, managers and admins, there are Bridge courses found in the Download Zip Bundle below, which you can download and upload in your own Bridge account. You may modify the Bridge courses to make them your own.


Note: You will be responsible for keeping your courses up to date with the new features, so please make sure to watch for the product update emails. 


Videos that are found in the courses are currently linked to a video in Vimeo. When the Bridge team updates a video, we "replace" the video in Vimeo, so the link stays the same. Your course will have the most current video we have in Vimeo. Feel free to look for other videos that you can add to your own Bridge courses by visiting Bridge on Vimeo .


Instructions: The following links will download as a zip file. You will need to open the zip file, to find the .json course file for each course you would like to upload. Use the .json file to upload the course to your Bridge courses page.  The courses are titled with the course name so you can select which are most relevant to your users. If a course takes longer than 30 sec to load, please see the notes below. If you are on the DUB or SYD Bridge server, the Bridge courses below will not work in your environment. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for courses created for the for DUB or SYD servers.