2017-11-02 New Bridge Learn Features

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In this Bridge Learn release (November 2), the global navigation menu has been redesigned for a more seamless user experience. Learner UIDs are required to be unique to the sub account or root account. And the Accessibility App has been replaced by the High Contrast Mode feature in the Learner Profile menu. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Global Navigation Menu

The new Global Navigation Menu organizes links to features according to roles. This new organization of features provides a more intuitive and fluid navigation of Bridge. According to a user's role, the Global Navigation Menu can display up to four menu options. The My Learning menu option includes assigned learning items, the learning library, and the training calendar. The Author menu option includes learning item management. The Insights menu option includes reports and usage statistics. And the Admin menu options includes permissions, user roles, and account settings.



High Contrast Mode

High Contrast Mode allows visually impaired users to view Bridge. When enabled, the High Contrast Mode setting modifies the color contrast of every area in Bridge to improve accessibility.




Updated Features


Unique Learner UIDs

Learners UIDs are only required to be unique to a top level or sub account. This update provides the opportunity for one UID to exist in more than one sub account in a Bridge instance and supports Extended Enterprise clients who may have overlap in UIDs for their various customers. However, this feature is not intended to add the same user to multiple sub accounts, as no support is provided for reporting or roll-up across those accounts that share UIDs.



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