How do I create a model response and reflection?

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Learners hone and develop skills by observing best practices and identifying their strengths in weaknesses in comparison to a best practice (Bandura, 1977). An excellent Expert Response does not only include a demonstration, but also a detailed explanation of why the Expert did certain things in the demonstration. Practice’s pedagogical design includes the Model Response after the Prompt & Response stage and the Peer Assessment stage by design. If Learners practice a skill on their own and critique others before seeing a Model response, then they are primed to fully engage with the expert content. Learners interest and ability to absorb the Expert's demonstration is heightened by stage one and two of a Practice exercise.

  Click Webcam button 

Video Prompt

There are two ways to create a Model Response:

  • Record a video within the platform with the Webcam
  • Upload a video file from your computer

Record with Webcam

To record with the webcam, select the gray Webcam button.

A pop-up will appear. At this point, you should automatically see yourself on your screen. In the bottom left corner of the pop-up window there are three icons: a gear, a microphone, and a video camera.

Webcam buttons

If you select the gear icon you can switch recording from your computer to your phone if it is connected to your computer. The microphone and video camera icons indicate audio and lighting quality. If either icon is red, it means that either audio or the lighting quality is not good enough to record. If both icons are green then you are in the right conditions to record your response.

Select the blue Record button to start recording your Model Response.

  Record model response 

When finished recording, select Stop to stop recording and upload the video. Select Cancel if you would like to cancel out of the webcam.

  Click Stop button 

Once your video has uploaded and processed, select Keep For Now to use the video for your Model Response. If you would like to discard it and record a new video, select the gray Try Again button.

  Click Keep for Now button 

Upload a File

Choose a video file from your computer by selecting the gray Upload Video button. Currently, we accept .mov, .mp4, .WebM, .FLV, .avi video files.

  Click Uplaod Video button 

Next, select the blue Upload File button.

  Click Upload File button 

Instructions (Optional)

Add any written instructions here. We encourage you to us the instructions as a opportunity to reiterate what actions your demonstrated and the why behind those actions.

  Type instructions 

Self Reflection (Optional)

Here you can edit the self reflection prompt. If you do not want to include a self reflection in your exercise you can configure it off when you configure your Exercise.

  Type self reflection 

When you are finished with building your exercise, first select the blue Save Changes button and then select the blue Publish Exercise button on the right hand side of the screen.

  Click Publish Exercise button 
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