How do I configure my exercise?

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Once you have created a Group and added an Exercise to your Group, you can configure the Exercise.

Configuring your Exercise includes setting up your Exercises schedule and enabling the following:

  1. Instructor Assessment
  2. Model Response
  3. Self Assessment
  4. Self Reflection
  5. Peer Assessment
  6. Number of Peer Assessments Required
  7. Leaderboard
  8. Max Number of Top Performers to Display
  Click Groups link 

To configure your Exercise, go to your Groups page by selecting Groups from the top navigation bar of every page. Select the Group that has the Exercise you want to configure.

  Click Group name 

On the Group page, select More Actions drop down from the top right corner and select Edit.

  Click Edit option 

Select Exercises from the panel on the left hand side of the page.

  Click Exercises link 

If you have not scheduled the Exercise before you can find the Exercise you want to configure under Unscheduled Exercises. Select the blue Configure Exercise button.

  Click Configure Exercise button 

Here you can toggle the following either on or off:

  1. Instructor Assessment
  2. Model Response
  3. Self Assessment
  4. Self Reflection
  5. Peer Assessment
  6. Leaderboard

After toggling on or off the above listed items and assuming you toggled Peer Assessment on, then you set how many Peer Assessments you want each Learner to complete in order to unlock the next learning stage here. Assuming you toggled the Leaderboard on, then you set the number of top performers you want the leaderboard to display. The Leaderboard is a list of the top performers in the Exercise, generated by Learners' average peer assessment scores.

  View Configure Exercise options 

Next, you set open and due dates for each learning stage you included in your Exercise. Exercise stages can be set to be open and close at sequentially or concurrently. Learn more about the different scheduling options here.

  Set Exercise Open and Due dates 

After you are satisfied with the configuration and schedule of your Exercise, select the blue Apply button to save your Exercise.

  Click Apply button 

Once you configure your Exercise it is automatically made visible to Learners and moved to the Active Exercises section.

  Click Visible to Learners button 

To see the configuration and schedule you just set, select the gray downward facing arrow.

  Click Exercise schedule arrow 
  View Exercise schedule 

To edit the configuration of an Exercise, select the gray Edit Configuration button.

  Click Edit Configuration button 
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