How do I create a new exercise?

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Every Exercise can include up to four learning stages: Prompt & Response, Peer Assessment, Reflection, and Results.

  • The Prompt & Response stage fosters frequent practice;
  • The Peer Assessment stage fosters social learning and timely, specific, actionable feedback;
  • The Reflection stage prompts self reflection; and
  • Finally, the Results stage facilitates coaching.

While the sequential order of Practice Exercises follows: Prompt & Response, Peer Assessment, Reflection, and Results, Exercise creation follows a different sequence. We have found (and research tells us) that when you design Exercises by first thinking through the learning objective and how you are going to assess that particular learning objective, your overall Exercise will be more more effective from the respect of your Learners by attaining and retaining specific skills. Thus, when creating your Exercise, you’ll be asked to set up your Overview first. This is not a learning stage, but an introductory section to all Exercises to prime Learners as to what they will be practicing and be assessed upon in the upcoming Exercise.

After outlining your learning objective in the Overview, you will be asked to create your Assessment. This Assessment will be used by Learners to self assess their own Submissions as well as by peers assessing each other and Instructors assessing Submissions.

Once your learning objective and Assessment are set, you’ll be asked to think a prompt video that will ask your Learners to practice and demonstrate the learning objective you set forth in the Overview. Finally, you’ll be asked to create a Model Response. An ideal Model Response demonstrates the specific Assessment criteria as well as explains why the Model Response includes certain things.

  Click Library link 

To create a new Exercise, visit the Library. To access the Library, select Library at the top of the page. After accessing the Library, select the blue Create Exercise button.

  Click Create Exercise button 

Type in a title and select the blue Create button.

  Click Create button 
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