How do I invite instructors to my group in Practice?

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You can invite Instructors to your Group by emailing an invite to the Instructors. If, and only if, Instructors have an existing Practice account, then you can simply add the Instructors to your Group as opposed to inviting the Instructors to your Group. The following walks you through both processes.

Note: Do not share the group link with facilitators or instructors in your group. After clicking the group link, users are permanently assigned to the learner role within the group and cannot be promoted to facilitators or instructors. Facilitators and instructors should be invited to the group via direct email invitation.

Edit Group

  Click the Edit option 

To invite Instructors to your Group, visit your Group page, select the gray More Actions button, select Edit from the drop down menu.

Open People

  Click the People link 

Select People in the menu on the left hand side of the page.

Invite Instructors

  Click the Invite button 

From here, select the blue Invite button.

Select Instructor Role

Click the Instructor option

Under Assign a Role, select Instructor from the drop down menu.

Enter Email

Type email address

Provide the email of the Instructor you would like to add in the Email Address field.

Send Invite

Click Send Invite button

Select the blue Send Invite button. The Instructor will receive an email titled Welcome to GROUP NAME HERE that includes a link to your Group.

Add Instructors

  Click the Add People button 

To add Instructors to your Group, first select the blue Add People button.

Search Organization Members

  Type search criteria 

From here, you search for specific Members in the search bar or look through the list.

Select Organization Members

  Click checkbox 

Check off the corresponding boxes next to each Instructors name that you would like to add to your Group.

Assign Instructor Role

  Click Instructor option 

If the assigned Member role is not Instructor, then you must assign Instructor role to the member. To do so, select the current role the Instructor is assigned and a drop down menu will appear. From here, select Instructor.

Add People

  Click Add People button 

Select the blue Add People button at the bottom of the page.

Learn how to remove Instructors from your Group here.

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