2018-02-22 New Bridge Perform Features

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In this Bridge Perform release (February 22), managers can create team goals to align to company goals. Admins can choose to allow both managers and employees to complete 1on1 agendas. Agenda history is preserved for an employee regardless of manager.



New Features


Team Goals

Managers can create team goals to align to company goals. On the Team Goals page, managers can create, assign, and align individual goals for their employees. Team goals cannot be aligned to other team goals. Employees can create and align their own individual goals to any team goal. Employees cannot see aligned individual goals of other team members.


team goals.png


1on1 Completion Setting

Admins can allow managers or employees to complete a 1on1 agenda. This setting is available in the 1on1 Settings page. By default, managers are able to complete the agenda.


completion setting.png


Updated Features


Agenda History

If an employee begins reporting to a new manager, the agenda history between the original manager and the employee is preserved and moved from the My Team section to the My Virtual Team section in the 1on1 Page.


1on1 agenda history.png


Cross-Functional 1on1 Completion

Cross-functional 1on1 agendas can be completed by either participant regardless of who initiated the 1on1 agenda.

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