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Prior to building a content module (a.k.a. "exercise") on the Practice platform, it can be helpful to think through the elements of a good learning exercise. This document is available for download via the below attachment.



The purpose of this guide is to support your mapping and drafting of a content module. Below you will find definitions of the various components of a content module, as well as a drafting template. The Knowledge Base is also an excellent resource if you have specific questions about Exercise components or configurations.



  • Learning Goal: What is the purpose of this Content Module?
  • Title: Title of the individual Content Module
  • Description: This is an area where you can provide written instructions, provide tips and expectations, etc.
  • Supplemental Content: Any additional resources (documents or links) you would like to provide for your Learners.
  • Prompt Script: This is the script for the video that will prompt the Learner to respond with their own video submission. It is often structured as a role-play or scenario.
  • Assessment Criterion: These questions will form the basis for how learners evaluate themselves and peers, and how Instructors/Facilitators will assess Learners.
  • Written Feedback Prompt: You can provide custom written feedback prompts.
  • Competencies: A label given to key skills that can be linked to assessment questions.
  • Model Response Script: A video that demonstrates the best practice of the skill you are supporting.
  • Model Response Text: Text included next to the model response video.
  • Self Reflection Prompt: Pose your learners a question asking them how they will perform the skill differently in the future.
  • Configuration: After a Content Module is built in the Library, it can be pulled into a Group and configured as an Exercise. Configuration includes a series of Exercise feature choices, as well as dates for each learning stage.


Content Module Template



Learning Goal

Description (Optional Text)

Supplemental Content

(Optional Link/Doc)


Assessment Criterion














Written Feedback Prompts (Optional)

Describe one thing the learner did well (default)

Describe one thing the learner can improve upon (default)


Prompt Script (Video)

Prompt Introduction

(Optional Text)


Additional File Attachment


Consider whether Learners will be required to upload a document(s) alongside their recording. If so, provide a description of the document(s).

Model & Reflection

Model Response Introduction

(Optional Text)

Self-Reflection Prompt

(Optional Text)

Consider what you've learned during this exercise. What will you stop, start, and continue doing going forward? (Default)

Sample Submission Scripts



Exercise Configuration


Do you want to include instructor assessment? Yes/No

Do you want to enable self-assessment? Yes/No

Do you want to enable peer assessment? If so, how many peer assessments will you require? Yes/No, #

Do you want to enable leaderboard? If so, how many top performers do you want it to display? Yes/No, #

Do you want to enable a model response? Yes/No

Do you want to enable self-reflection? Yes/No

How will Learners respond? Audio/Video/Screen Capture
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