Naming Convention Best Practice (Practice Groups & Library)

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If you’ve already begun utilizing Practice as an Org Admin or Coordinator, you’ve probably noticed that there are limited ways to organize your growing number of Groups and Content Modules.


  • Groups:
    • Groups appear in order of creation date (newest to oldest)
    • Org Admin see all Groups. Coordinators see Groups that they created or are members of


  • Library:
    • Content Modules appear in alphabetical order (A - Z)
    • Org Admin can see and edit all Content Modules. Coordinator can see and copy all Content Modules, and can edit those they create

At this time, the Group and Library tabs do not have a filter or tagging feature.
However, Groups and Content Modules can be searched by name. As such, we recommend establishing a clear and consistent naming convention for your entire company or university.

Here are a few recommended naming conventions and examples:


Note: if using Bridge Learn, we recommend that the Group name mirror the Program name.

  • Business Unit/Channel: Learning Topic - Course Name - Location (Year-Quarter)
    • Example: “DS: Pitch Challenge - Chicago (2018-Q2)”
    • Example: “MLA: 2018 Q1 - East 8”
    • Example: “SMB: Digital Retailing - Certification Level 1 (‘18 Q2)”
    • Example: “Account Management: New Hire Training - Phoenix 3/13/18”
  • School Code: Major Code, Course # - Course Name (Year-Semester)
    • Example: “Law: Custody Negotiation - Law305 (Fall ‘18)”
    • Example: “Nursing: Coaching for Excellence - Nurs185-4 (2018 Spring)”
    • Example: “Business: COMM-201-5: OralCommunication&Persuasion_Jan2018”


  • Business Unit/Use Case: Learning Topic
    • Example: “SMB Care: Module 1 - Start the Call Right”
    • Example: “Leadership Academy: Coaching”
    • Example: “CX Workshop: Ownership Exercise”
    • Example: “TSM: Value Proposition for Support Assist”
    • Example: “MLA: Team Up - Year 1 Challenge”
  • School Code: Major Code - Course Name
    • Example: “Bus: Acct 101: Managing Budgets”
    • Example: “Law: Law 241: Oral Arguments”

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