What is a Checkpoint Now?

Document created by Renee Carney Employee on May 10, 2018
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The ability to assign and track learning that is performed outside of the learning management platform. More specifically, learners can complete a project, training, etc., and submit evidence of this outside learning to be tracking within Bridge.


Detailed Behavior

  • Author can create a checkpoint
    • Can be assigned individually or within a program
  • Author can add a description of the checkpoint to be displayed before entering the content item
  • Author can add detailed instructions for the learner
  • The same editor that is used for programs and courses can be used in tasks when making instructions.
  • As an author, I can add attachments inline similar to other learnable functionality
  • Author has the ability to set a due date for checkpoints
  • Learner has the ability to see the due date set for a checkpoint
  • Learner receives all normal notifications around learnable due dates (parity with courses etc)
  • Checkpoint due date impacts overall program due date the same as all other learnable due dates
  • Approver can see checkpoint due date if one is set
  • Checkpoints are displayed to approver with order by request date
  • All 'urgent' (i.e., approval requested + past due date) are put to top of list for approver
  • Approver can easily navigate to checkpoints via clickable links on page
  • Author can create a Checkpoint and require ‘approval’
  • A person at the organization can be assigned as the approver of a Checkpoint
  • A learner can see when their Checkpoint requires approval
  • A learner can request a ‘Checkpoint approval’ when they have completed their Checkpoint
  • Author can upload files (word, pdf, picture, video) that are shown at the end of Checkpoint instructions.
  • As an author, I can require ‘evidence’ of Checkpoint completion through the upload of a file.
  • As a learner, I can see when evidence is required for me to complete a Checkpoint.
  • As a learner, I can upload a file (word, pdf, picture, video) as proof that I completed my Checkpoint
  • As a learner, I can delete files I have uploaded when I make a mistake (unless I have a pending approval request).
  • As an approver, I can upload files in the evidence section as well.
  • As an approver, I can delete files in the evidence section - unless the checkpoint is pending approval).
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