What are sub accounts?

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Accounts and sub accounts are organizational units within Bridge. Every instance of Bridge has the potential to contain a hierarchy of one account and an unlimited number of sub accounts but starts out with just one account (referred to as the top-level account).

Note: This feature is not available in Bridge for Teams accounts.

Once a hierarchy has been created, admins can be created in a specific sub account to limit the scope of what they can change. This change will also make the courses and learners they manage more specific and relevant to them. Sub account admins cannot access other sub accounts.

Most settings can be managed at the sub account level.

The following account settings can be modified at the sub account level and can be unique to each sub account:

  • Content Branding
  • Account Configuration
  • User Management (Auto CSV, HRIS, etc.)
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Notification Preferences

Learn how to create a sub account.

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