How do I view comments in a course?

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Comments in a course are slide-specific meaning that a course author must enable comments for individual slides in order to view and post comments.

Open Course

  Open Course

On the My Learning page, click the name of your course.

View Course

  View Course

View your course in Bridge. If a slide has comments enabled, you may need to scroll down to the bottom of the slide to view comments.

The indicator at the top of the course shows your course progress. Learn more about how to navigate an online course.

Note: You can still view comments for completed courses.

View Comments

View Comments

In the comments area, you are able to see all comments posted by learners in the course as well as the view the total number of comments [1] on the slide. By default, Bridge will display the three newest comments. To show more, click the Show more link [2].

In the Sort by menu [3], you can sort comments by the newest, oldest, or best comments (comments with the most votes).

To upvote a comment, click the Upvote icon [4]. Next to the upvote icon, you can view how many upvotes a comment has received [5]. A green upvote icon indicates you have upvoted that comment.

To post a comment, click anywhere inside the comment field [6].

To reply to a comment, click the Reply link [7]. Your reply will appear below the comment.

To add an image to your comment, click the image icon [8].

To edit one of your comments, click the grey ellipses icon. Then click the Edit link [9]. A pink "Edited" indicator will be shown next to any comments that have been edited [10].

Note: Learners will receive an email notification for every reply that is made to their comment.

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