How does the feature idea process work in the Bridge Community?

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Input from existing users is an important part of how Instructure prioritizes work on new and existing features as well as fixing bugs. Instructure looks at data from support and gets feedback from customer success managers (CSMs) as well as from the Community directly. Learn more about sharing ideas and the development process.

The goals of the Ideas space are to provide:

  • Insight into what the Product team is currently working on and gives the Product team timely feedback to help guide their decisions.
  • An opportunity to share ideas about anything to do with Bridge, whether Product is focusing on that area of the application right now or not.

Who can submit ideas?

All registered users may submit an idea. Anyone can create an account and become a registered user in the Bridge Community.

How are ideas processed?

  • New ideas start their lives in a non-voting stage called Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea.
  • Bridge Coaches and the Community Team review new submissions, generally within three days.
  • A new idea may be moved into Moderating status if the idea is incomplete or needs clarification from the contributor.
  • The Coaches and the Community team may also apply organizational tags, or archive any idea with explanation.
  • Please allow time for the review process to occur before sharing your idea link with others.

How long are ideas open for vote?

Ideas are open for six months. Following six months, ideas in the top 10th percentile of vote will remain in the general forum. Ideas in the bottom 90th percentile will be archived and moved out of the general forum which makes room for new ideas. The archive process will occur monthly.

How do I vote?

How do I vote?

The vote score is located at the top of the idea [1]. To add your vote, click the Vote up button [2], or to decrease the vote, click the Vote down button [3].

Note: You must be logged into the Community to vote.

How are ideas connected to Product priorities?

Ideas are connected to product priorities using tags. Tags are searched to provide a list of related ideas.

What do the idea stages mean?

Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea

New ideas start out in this non-voting stage pending review by a member of the Community Team.


An idea that is incomplete or needs clarification may be placed into Moderating status. Idea moderators may request that the author provide clarification or complete additional actions before the idea can be released from moderation status.

In Development

In Development ideas are being worked on or are planned to be worked on in the next six months. Most of these ideas will be linked to a Product priority, which include related ideas and other activities around development. If we mark an idea as being In Development, we will comment and say whether the idea might be implemented soon or whether we know it will be more long term.


(Not Currently Planned)

Archived ideas may have fallen short of rising to the top in six months or it may have been marked as not planned. We will comment and provide clear reasons for ideas that are not planned. Some ideas cannot be developed because of a technical limitation. Others do not fit with overall product direction or do not warrant the resources they would take to implement, relative to other requests.


Ideas marked Completed ideas have been implemented and deployed to Bridge.

Can I resubmit an idea after it is archived?

Technically, ideas can be resubmitted by rewriting them and sharing them just as you would a new idea. As the needs of Bridge users change, an archived idea today may resurface with greater momentum months from now. A resubmitted idea may or may not move through the voting process again, depending on the reasons for its archive.

  • A resubmission may not be likely to move forward in the voting process if our product team has previously indicated why the idea is not currently moving forward for development.
  • A resubmission may warrant a second look and open another round of voting if, for example, the original idea was too vague, didn’t showcase enough use cases, or lacked a critical number of votes.

The Community Team's goal is to foster a place for ideas to surface organically and encourage community members to support those they believe are most relevant and timely.

What is Cold Storage?

Honoring our commitment to not delete Community content, your idea may have made the journey to Cold Storage because of one of the following factors:

  • The idea was not in the top 10 percentile of votes within its lifespan
  • The idea is a duplicate
  • The idea contained multiple ideas in one submission (also known as a kitchen sink)
  • The idea is off topic
  • The idea may now be obsolete

Select ideas are moved from the general Community to keep the Community search results precise and uncluttered but that doesn't mean our teams will never look at them again. When our product teams are working on an initiative, they'll review all ideas related to it whether they reside in the open Ideas forum or Cold Storage. If you want the additional chaos of more abundant search results, you can elect to join Cold Storage in order to see ALL idea submissions.

Your continued support and participation in the community forums are very valuable to Bridge as a product and to the user experience. We urge you to keep sharing, commenting, and voting.

We periodically clean up the comments on this document to keep them manageable for our readers. If a question or comment has been addressed, we may remove it.

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