How do I create a new feature idea in the Bridge Community?

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Feature ideas allow people to suggest ideas on ways to improve or enhance Bridge's functionality. It is one of many inputs considered when choosing to build new features into Bridge. Learn more about the feature idea process and development process.

In order to ensure feature ideas are posted successfully, it may help to know a few tips.

Search Existing Feature Ideas

  Search Existing Feature Ideas

Before posting your idea, search the Bridge Community to see if your idea or a version of your idea has been suggested.

To search for feature ideas, use the spotlight search [1], the Ideas space content tab by searching with different tags and keywords or sort by priority or stage [2], or click the buttons and links available in the Search & Share Ideas area [3].

Comment, Vote, and Follow Idea

Add your own comments

If your idea is a slight variation of an existing idea or you have additional thoughts, you may want to add comments to the conversation thread.

Vote on the idea

If the idea is in the Open for Voting, Radar, or In Development stage, you can vote it up or down.

Follow or bookmark the idea

Sometimes you may want to keep an eye on the idea, along with the comments and status, without having to post your votes or add any comments.

Share an Idea

Share an Idea

In the Search and Share Ideas area, click the Share a New Idea button.

Note: To share a new idea, you must be logged in to the Bridge Community.

Author New Idea

Follow these simple guidelines to write clear and useful idea submissions.

One Idea Per Submission

Submissions that contain more than one idea can be unclear and confusing when it comes to voting and discussion.

  • Complicated - Multiple Ideas: “I really need tags in programs and the ability to delete them quickly and the ability to see how many courses have been tagged with one tag." This is really three ideas; it's hard to maintain directed collaboration and understand which ideas are most important to a broad base of clients.

Tip: If your description contains “or” or “in addition,” it might contain more than one idea.

  • Better - Single Idea: “I would like to be able to tag programs.”
  • Better - Single Idea: “I would like to be able to delete tags quickly.”

Choose a descriptive subject line for your feature idea

  • Non-Descriptive Subject Line: “Multiple ideas”
  • Better Subject Line: “Tag programs”
  • Non-Descriptive Subject Line: “Global Navigation issue”
  • Better Subject Line: “Add Reports link to Global Navigation”

The Community Team reserves the right to modify an idea title or subject line for clarity and/or ease of search.

Be Specific

Oftentimes people have the best ideas for improvement when they are the most frustrated. Try to state your idea clearly and concisely; sometimes too much time spent on an idea clouds the core problem. While writing, remember that you are asking many community volunteers to read and consider what you write.

In addition to a clear description, support your ideas with any/all of the following:

  • Include specific examples of ways this feature is needed to facilitate instruction, learning, or administration.
  • Share screenshots and/or screencasts of any kind. Please blur or remove sensitive, private, or personally-identifying information.
  • Stick to the single idea in your subject line.
  • Please avoid additional ideas in your post, as it is hard to vote on a series of ideas. If you need to expand your idea into multiple ideas, please submit a separate feature idea.

State the specific desired outcome or goal and then let the product managers and engineers think about how they can best add a given functionality to the product.

  • Prescriptive: “For content authors, I would like the blue ADD CONTENT button to  be changed to ADDITIONAL CONTENT OPTIONS, with the dropdown incorporating three additional content items: ‘Video,’ ‘Link,’ and ‘Document.’ The blue button should be square rather than curved.”
  • Specific: “As an author, I would like to be able to add a standalone video slide directly from the ADD CONTENT dropdown.”

Add Use Cases and Scenarios

Make sure other readers can understand why you want the option to do something in Bridge. Adding a paragraph that begins with phrasing such as, “In my field” can go a long way to helping people who may not be familiar with the submitter's background understand why this feature would be a priority.

Tag Idea

Tags increase the success of searching for and sorting ideas. Help connect your idea to other ideas, or help other community members find your idea by adding tags.

Be Patient

Bridge is developed using agile methods that let Instructure update the system weekly. Community input is very important to that process. While it is true that the product changes frequently, many of these improvements take months and thousands of hours of work to develop. We also periodically conduct major overhauls of different areas of the system. This process means that even if everyone agrees that developing a given feature would be a good use of finite development resources, it may be a while before the feature can be developed and it may have to wait in line as part of a larger development schedule.

Follow or Bookmark Your Idea

  Follow or Bookmark Your Idea

Once you post an idea, you will be following the idea by default. Following means that you will be informed of any comments people add to your idea; how you receive the notifications depends on your notification settings.

To check the status of your feature idea, open your Bridge Community profile [1], click the Content link [2], then click the Ideas link [3]. To filter your feature ideas by stage, select the Stages drop-down menu [4].

Note: To follow a stage using the RSS feed, click the Get a feed of this content link [5].

Follow Idea

  Follow Idea

To check the status of any feature idea, open the Ideas link [1] and click the Priorities & Ideas link [2]. To view the feature ideas, click the Content link [3], then click the Ideas link [4]. To filter feature ideas by stage, select the Stages drop-down menu [5].

Note: To follow a stage using the RSS feed, click the Get a feed of this content link [6].

Your continued support and participation in the community forums are very valuable to Bridge as a product and to the user experience. We urge you to keep sharing, commenting, and voting.

We periodically clean up the comments on this document to keep them manageable for our readers. If a question or comment has been addressed we may remove it.

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