How do I set up a Practice LTI integration in my Blackboard environment?

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Practice can be integrated into your Blackboard environment using LTI. You can integrate Practice at the content module level and create individual integrations, or you can create a global tool provider for Practice. Before you go through the steps to add Practice as an external tool, make sure you reach out to your Practice Client Success Manager to obtain your key and secret. You need these to complete the steps below.


  • If you are using a self-hosted version of Blackboard Learn (as opposed to Blackboard CourseSites), you'll also want to make sure your system administrator has turned on LTI link functionality at the course level. If you are an IT systems administrator, you can view our LTI Tool Provider Configuration for Blackboard help document.
  • Your browser must accept third-party cookies for LTI to work. You can usually change this setting in your browser's security options.
  • Users that access Practice through an LTI integration will not receive email notifications from Practice.

Adding a Practice Link in a Blackboard Course

Once you have your key and secret you can add Practice as a content module within a course.

  1. From inside a content area, hover over Build Content and select Web Link.
  2. In the "Create Web Link" form, enter "Practice" for the Name field and enter "" in the URL field.
  3. Select the This link is to a Tool Provider checkbox.
  4. Enter your LTI key in the Key field and your LTI secret in the Secret field. (Note:  if your system administrator has already configured Practice at the global level, you can skip this step)
  5. Select if you would like to enable evaluation (Note: If evaluation is enabled, the Instructor score generated from Practice will automatically be sent to the Blackboard gradebook)
  6. If you would like evaluation enabled, select the amount of points the assignment is worth
  7. Near the bottom of the form, select if you would like Practice to open in a new window or to be displayed inside the Blackboard window.
  8. Select Submit at the bottom of the page.

Once you are redirected back to the content area, you should see a link to Practice. You and your Learners can use this link to access Practice. Selecting this link will behave differently depending on your role in the course and whether or not you already have a Practice account. When a Learner launches Practice from this link they will be prompted to log in or sign up. Once they do so, they will automatically be added as a member of your course's Practice Group, and redirected to the specific Practice Exercise you indicate.


After creating a Practice link, you must determine what content this links to using the LTI Linker.

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