How do I manage or archive my group in Practice?

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Open Group

  Click Group name

Click the Groups link [1] at the top of the page.

Select the Group you want to manage [2].

Manage Group

  Manage Group

To manage a group on the Groups page, click the settings icon [1]. You can edit [2], copy [3], or archive the group [4]. Archived groups display in the Archived section of a user's group list [5].


  • Groups in draft status cannot be archived.
  • Archived groups cannot be edited.
  • Users cannot participate in exercises that are part of an archived group.
  • Archiving a group does not delete exercise submission data.

View Archived Group

  View Archived Group

In the group navigation bar, archived groups are indicated by a Group Archived label [1].

To unarchive a group, return to the main groups page and locate the group. Click the settings icon [2] and then click the Unarchive link [3].

Edit Group

  Edit Group

Click the Edit Group button.

Edit Basic Info

  Edit Group name

There are three Group edit options:

  • Basic Info
  • Exercises
  • Group Membership

Basic Info: Here you can edit the group’s name.

Edit Group Membership

  Group Membership tab

Group Membership: Here you can:

  • Add people within your organization to the group.
  • Invite people who are not in the organization to the group.
  • Manage active members (assign a new role or remove members from your group)
  • Manage members in need of approval
  • Manage deactivated members

Learn more about inviting or adding Learners here or inviting or adding Instructors here.

Edit Exercises

  Exercises tab

Exercises: Here you can:

  • Add exercises to your group
  • Configure exercises
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