How do I link a Practice exercise with an LTI integration?

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After setting up a Practice LTI integration with an LMS (learning management system), you can link a Practice exercise to an LMS content module. Learn how to link Practice exercises in Bridge, Canvas and Blackboard.


  • You need to create Groups and Exercises in Practice before you can link them to LMS content modules. Each LMS content module can be linked to only one Practice exercise. The Gradebook Passback feature is only available for Bridge, Canvas, and Blackboard.
  • Users that access Practice through an LTI integration will not receive email notifications from Practice.

Open LMS Content Module

  Click LMS content module link

In your LMS, click the content module with which you want to link a Practice exercise. For example, in Canvas you would select the assignment you want to link with a Practice exercise. In Bridge, you would select the program object you want to link with a Practice exercise.

View Practice LTI Linker

  View LTI Linker page

After clicking the LMS content module link, the Practice LTI Linker frame opens in your LMS.

Select Practice Group

  Click Practice Group

Click the Practice group that contains the exercise you would like to link to.

Note: Only unarchived groups will display in the LTI linker.

Create LTI Link

  Click Practice Exercise

Click the name of the Practice exercise you would like to link with your LMS content module [1]. If your LMS is Bridge, Canvas, or Blackboard, click the Score Type dropdown link and select a score type to pass back to your gradebook or Bridge program [2].

The completion score is calculated by measuring the number of stages that have been completed out of the number of stages an exercise has been configured to have [3].

The instructor score is the score an instructor gives a learner's submission assessment [4]. 

The peer score is the average of all the peer assessment scores that have been given to the learner's submission [5]. 

Click the Create LTI Link button [6].

Note: The score type selections in the LTI linker behave differently when linked with Bridge. Learn more about how each score type is interpreted by Bridge.

Save Program Object

  Click Save button

Click the Save button. Your Practice exercise is now linked to your LMS content module.

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