How do I request a new exercise response from a learner in Practice?

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Reviewers, instructors, and account admins can request a new exercise response from a learner. When a new response is requested, the learner will receive an email notification as well as notification messages in the Practice interface that prompt them to resubmit their response. When a learner submits a new response, their original response will be replaced in the peer review pool by their new response.

Note: Users that access Practice through an LTI such as Bridge or Canvas will not receive email notifications for resubmission requests or confirmations.

Open Group

  Click Group name

Open a group that contains an exercise that requires a new response by clicking the group name.

Open Exercise

  Open Exercise

To open the Exercise Dashboard, click the exercise name.

Open Response Player

  Click thumbnail

To open the Response player, click the thumbnail associated with the response that requires a new submission [1]. You can also open the response player by clicking the More Actions icon [2] and selecting the Request New Response option [3].

Open Request Form

  Click Play button

To open the New Response Request form, click the Request New Response link.

Request New Response

  Request New Response form with field for message to learner

In the text field, enter a message to the learner explaining why you are requesting a new response from them [1]. When you are finished, click the Request New Response button [2]. The learner will be notified by email that they need to submit a new response. There will also be reminder notifications in the learner's Practice interface about your request for a new response.

Note: If the learner is accessing Practice from an LTI integration, they will not receive an email notification. You will need to manually notify LTI learners about the request.

View Resubmission Status

  Exercise dashboard showing New Response Requested status in the Stage Progress column

In the Exercise Dashboard, the data in the Name [1] and Stage Progress [2] columns of the Learner Submissions table will indicate the status of the learner's resubmission process.

  Exercise Dahsboard showing the numbered badge on the new learner submission thumbnail

When the learner submits their new response, their response thumbnail will display a badge indicating that the learner has submitted a total of two responses. To view and assess the learner's new submission, click the response thumbnail.

Note: Once a learner submits a new response, their original response will be removed from the peer review pool. The original response will be replaced with their new response.

View Response History

  Response window showing Next and Previous buttons

To toggle between the learner's original response and their new response, click the Next [1] and Previous [2] buttons. You can assess the new response using the assessment form [3]. To exit the response player, click the Cancel button [4].

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