Step 2: Measuring Engagement

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This tutorial is part of the Bridge Playbook.

Step 2: Measuring Engagement 

Initiative Overview


Provide actionable data to improve your employee engagement.


Asking for employee feedback as early as possible:

  • Lets employees know that you’re listening and committed to learning from them
  • Demonstrates what's working and what isn’t, guiding the rollout of your initiatives
  • Provides a baseline to measure your progress


The Baseline Engagement survey provides anonymous results for your organization so that employees can voice their concerns and feedback about the company. The only way to achieve company improvement is to receive honest feedback from your employees, and they need to know that their feedback is confidential and truly anonymous.


The engagement survey provides you with a baseline for measuring future improvement. Followup surveys show your employees that you want their feedback, and that you’re willing to do something to address their concerns. The survey can be distributed as often as needed, with every three to six months as a recommended guideline. The most important thing is that you leave enough time between distributions to take action on what you’ve heard—you’ll even have a chance to detail your recent wins in the survey email itself.

What To Watch For

Only ask if you're ready to act

The only thing worse than not soliciting feedback from your employees is soliciting the feedback and then ignoring it. Don’t distribute this survey if you aren’t committed to learning from the feedback and doing something about it!


Set your data before distributing the survey

When you open a survey window, a snapshot is taken of all of your data in Bridge. Make sure your users and custom fields are all imported before you launch the survey, otherwise you may not be able to slice and dice reports the way you'd like.


Remove contractors from data

You may have users in Bridge that you don’t want included in engagement surveys, such as contractors. If that’s the case, you’ll want to create a group that only includes employees you’d like to take the survey and target the survey to that group.


Timeline Overview

Timeline dates are based on the number of days before or after the date you roll out the Engagement Survey to your company. For instance, T-1 represents one day before your launch date, while T+7 represents seven days after your launch date.


Minimum average work time total: 2 days, 5 hours*


Executive Communication Strategy

  • T-55 Schedule Meeting with Executive Team (10 minutes)
  • T-50 Plan Executive Leadership Engagement Introduction Meeting (30 minutes)
  • T-45 Present [PPT] Leadership Engagement Introduction to Executive Team (60 minutes)
  • T-30 Plan Company Followup Meeting (60 minutes)


Survey Setup

  • T-14 Configure [Survey] Engagement Questions (30 minutes)
  • T-8 Customize [Course Library] How to Use Engagement Results (20 minutes)
  • T-7 Verify User Data (30 minutes)


Survey Rollout

  • T-7 Publish [Course Library] How to Use Engagement Results & Enroll Managers (10 minutes)
  • T-7 Distribute [Email] Introduction to Bridge Engagement Survey (10 minutes)
  • T-0 Distribute Engagement Survey (10 minutes)


Survey Followup

  • T+10 Distribute [Document] Engagement Team Discussion Guidelines (20 minutes)
  • T+14 Close Engagement Survey
  • T+15 Review Survey Results (1 day*)
  • T+16 Review Survey Results (1 day*)
  • T+30 Distribute [Email] Company followup (10 minutes)
  • T+35 Present Results in Company All-Hands (Optional)


*Variable times require additional planning and implementation as determined by the needs of your company


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