Step 4: Leading 1on1s

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This tutorial is part of the Bridge Playbook.

Step 4: Leading 1on1s

Initiative Overview


A 1on1 (1:1) culture that values learning translates directly to greater employee loyalty and growth potential. 1on1s are not just manager-employee meetings—when used appropriately they strengthen the relationship between manager and employee and provide opportunities for further employee development.


Staying in sync is important, and 1on1s are where development happens. Employee and manager meetups should happen frequently. Good 1on1s are free from judgment and focus on discussing an employee’s successes, struggles, and career development. They create regular opportunities for continual feedback and mentoring and foster a culture of open manager-employee collaboration.

What To Watch For

Don’t Give Up

Success won’t happen all at once—stick with it. Changing a culture won’t happen overnight. Gauge key employee metrics to measure progress—monitor progress by using the 1on1 Cadence report, feedback from your Engagement Survey, and other company feedback methods.


Taking those insights into account, check in with smaller groups to see how 1on1 culture is developing throughout your company and where there are challenges and opportunities improve.


Help Your Managers

Watch for individual managers that are struggling with the process. Managers need to know the basic values of a 1on1 culture and why it’s important. Some of them may not understand the basic framework or principles of a 1on1. Admins may need to create additional training for future manager development to help them adapt to the 1on1 culture.


Timeline Overview

Timeline dates are based on the number of days before or after the date you roll out the 1on1 Culture initiative to your company. For instance, T-1 represents one day before your launch date, while T+7 represents seven days after your launch date.


Minimumaverage work time total: 90 minutes*



  • T-14 Upload [Spreadsheet] Conversation Starters (30 minutes)
  • T-14 Set Bridge Admin 1on1 Settings (10 minutes)
  • T-7 Customize [Course Library] 1on1s and the Manager Role (20 minutes)
  • T-7 Customize [Course Library] 1on1s and the Employee Role (20 minutes)



  • T-0 Publish [Course Library] 1on1 Courses (10 minutes)
  • T-0 Send [Email] Introduction to 1on1s (10 minutes)



  • T+21 Send [Email] Manager 1on1 Followup (10 minutes)
  • T+60 Encourage Continuous Culture Adoption (variable*)


Future Development

  • T+90 Optional Training (variable*)


*Variable times require additional planning and implementation as determined by the needs of your company

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