1 - Facilitating Connection Extended Timeline Tutorial

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This tutorial is part of Step 1: Facilitating Connection in the Bridge Playbook.


Ready to set up your internal directory? This timeline will help you prepare and implement all the tools you need to get your directory up and running.


Timeline dates are based on the number of days before or after the date you roll out the Internal Directory to your company. For instance, T-1 represents one day before your launch date, while T+7 represents seven days after your launch date.


T-14 Plan Picture Day

Prep time average: variable


You want your directory to look great. So why not plan a picture day for your company? Picture day does not have to take a lot of time on your part, but it can take as much time as you feel would be best. You just need a dedicated time when all employees can get their photos taken.

  • Have 30 minutes? Have employees take photos of each other in their respective departments and send them to a designated email address or other communication channel.
  • Have half a day or all day? Hire a photographer and schedule photoshoots by department or teams.


Other Considerations:

  • Consider verifying employee data as part of picture day. Give the photographer or team leads a spreadsheet with the employee’s information to confirm their data at the same time.
  • Pictures must be uploaded individually to user profiles. Does your company have a shared folder, such as Dropbox or a server folder, that can be accessed by all employees? You may want to upload all photos to that location so employees can download their own photos. Or you can individually email employees their photos.
  • What about employees who miss picture day? Provide a separate communication method for any employees who miss picture day or who need to update any information in their profile at a later time.


T-7 Distribute [Email] Picture Day

Prep time average: 10 minutes


Let your employees know that a new internal directory and a photo day is coming! Most employees appreciate knowing ahead of time so they can plan ahead. You’ll also want to let them know that you plan to confirm their information at the same time to make sure their directory information is correct.


Use the Picture Day email template and customize it to reflect your company plans. Then distribute the email to all employees.


T-2 Customize [Course Library] The Importance of Networking

Prep time average: 10 minutes


Download The Importance of Networking Library Course and upload it as a course package into your Bridge account. You’re welcome to review this course before publishing, but it’s all ready to go! This course teaches your employees the importance of networking and how to do it well, which is an important resource for using the internal directory.


Enroll all employees in the Bridge course


T-0 Publish [Course Library] The Importance of Networking

Prep time average: 5 minutes


Publish the Bridge course for all employees. Each employee will receive an email notification about how to view and complete the course.


T-0 Distribute [Email] Introduction to Bridge

Prep time average: 10 minutes


It’s time to announce the internal directory to your employees! Download one of two email templates to customize for your company:


T+4 [Activity] Company Picture Day

Participation time average: variable


Your company picture day is here! Have an amazing day. Also confirm your employee’s data as part of collecting their photos to ensure your internal directory is as accurate as possible.


After the images are taken, re-distribute the images to each employee according to the strategy you implemented as part of your picture day planning.


T+7 Distribute [Email] Profile Reminder

Prep time average: 10 minutes


Have your employees been setting up their profiles? Great! Anticipate that there will be some who still haven’t completed the process yet, so you’ll want to remind those who haven’t yet with the Profile Reminder emailMake sure to thank those who have already completed their profiles.