2 - Measuring Engagement Timeline Tutorial

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This tutorial is part of Step 2: Measuring Engagement in the Bridge Playbook.

The engagement survey is one of the strongest pieces of collateral you have to improve the culture of your company. Use this tool to collect anonymous feedback from your employees and make a commitment to listen and implement changes for improvement.


Timeline dates are based on the number of days before or after the date you roll out the Engagement Survey to your company. For instance, T-1 represents one day before your launch date, while T+7 represents seven days after your launch date.

*Variable times require additional planning and implementation as determined by the needs of your company

Executive Communication Strategy

T-55 Schedule Meeting with Executive Team

Prep time average: 10 minutes


If your executive team needs buy-in about the concept of an engagement survey and how it can benefit your company, schedule a meeting with the executive team. Consider everyone’s schedules and try to find a time where they can all attend.


You can use the Executive Team Bridge Invitation as a template, if needed.


T-50 Plan Executive Leadership Engagement Introduction Meeting

Prep time average: 30 minutes


Use the Leadership Engagement Introduction PowerPoint Presentation to plan a presentation about how Bridge can engage employees, and how engaged employees drive results for both themselves and the company.


T-45 Present [PPT] Leadership Engagement Introduction

Participation time average: 60 minutes


Present the Leadership Engagement Introduction PowerPoint Presentation to the executive team.


Once the executive team is on board, schedule a follow-up meeting in 15 days to discuss further plans.


T-30 Plan Company Followup Meeting

Participation time average: 60 minutes


After the survey closes, you’ll want to be prepared with a plan as to how to review and act on the survey information. In this meeting, discuss how executive stakeholders should consume results,  who will designate action items for each department or team, and how you’ll share your goals and progress back to the rest of the organization.


Don’t distribute this survey if you aren’t committed to learning from the feedback and doing something about it!

Survey Setup

T-14 Configure [Survey] Engagement Questions

Prep time average: 30 minutes


Configure your Engage survey in the Bridge platform with the questions or statements you’d like to present to your employees. You can copy and paste the suggested default engagement survey questionsor you can use the guidelines included in the spreadsheet to create your own questions or statements.

  • Configure the engagement survey to be active for 14 days.
  • Configure when automatic reminder emails should be distributed to employees who have not yet completed the survey.


T-8 Customize [Library Course] How to Use Engagement Results

Prep time average: 20 minutes


Download How to Use Engagement Results Library Course and upload it as a course package into your Bridge account. You’re welcome to review this course before publishing, but it’s all ready to go! This course teaches your managers the importance of engagement results and how to answer questions from employees they manage.


T-7 Verify User Data

Prep time average: 30 minutes


Ensure your users, custom attributes, and business data are all imported into Bridge. When you open a survey window, a snapshot is taken of all of your data in Bridge. Make sure your users and custom fields are all imported before you launch the survey, otherwise you may not be able to slice and dice reports the way you'd like.


Also ensure that you’ve removed any users that should not be included in engagement surveys, such as contractors. If needed, create a group that only includes employees you’d like to take the survey and target the survey to that group.

Survey Launch

T-7 Publish [Library Course] How to Use Engagement Results & Enroll Managers

Prep time average: 20 minutes


Enroll all the managers in your company in the library course: How to Use Engagement Results. This course will prepare your managers to learn the purpose of engagement surveys and how managers play a role in improving the needs of the company. Managers will learn what is expected from their role and how to support their employees.


Publish the course so invitations will be sent to managers.


T-7 Distribute [Email] Introduction to Bridge Engagement Survey

Prep time average: 10 minutes


Distribute the email to your employees introducing the engagement survey. You can use the Introduction to Bridge Engagement Survey as a template and customize as needed.


In your email, emphasize that results are completely anonymous—they should voice their concerns and feedback about the company openly and honestly.


T-0 Distribute Engagement Survey

Prep time average: 10 minutes


It’s survey launch day! Distribute the engagement survey to the appropriate group(s) as specified as part of the survey setup.


Survey Followup

TT+10 Distribute [Document] Engagement Team Discussion Guidelines

Prep time average: 10 minutes


Distribute an email to your managers about the importance of preparing for key conversations with their employees and how to lead a discussion with their teams. Survey results bring both positive and negative feedback that should be addressed thoughtfully. You can use the Engagement Team Discussion Document as a template and customize as needed.


T+14 Close Engagement Survey

Prep time average: None


The engagement survey will close automatically per the survey setup.


Reports will automatically be sent to admins and managers associated with employee responses.


T+15 Compile Survey Results

Prep time average: 1 day


Use the Engagement Results PowerPoint Template to populate results from the survey according to category.


T+16 Discuss Survey Results

Prep time average: 1 day


Plan how you can address employee concerns and what changes need to be made. Delegate action items to accomplish those tasks.


If your company hosts periodic all-hands meetings, consider discussing the results as part of that meeting. Or you could schedule an all-hands meeting specifically to address the engagement survey results, with ongoing survey results to be distributed via email or individual department or team meetings. Choose a method that would best suite the needs and size of your company.


Use the survey results discussion to draft the company followup email.


T+30 Distribute [Email] Company followup

Prep time average: 10 minutes


Distribute a new email to the company citing an overview of the engagement survey and what areas need improvement. Also include what you’re doing or will be doing to promote change where needed. At this stage communicating where you intend to go is as important as communicating what’s already been done.


You can use the Company followup email as a template, if needed.


If your company has a company all-hands meeting, or if you choose to schedule an all-hands meeting to discuss the results, mention this meeting in the email so employees know that’s when they’ll hear more about the results.


T+35 Present Results in Company All-Hands (Optional)

Prep time average: 30 minutes

Participation time average: 60 minutes


Discuss your changes with your employees in person and allow them to ask questions.