Survey: Engagement Survey Questions

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This document is part of Step 2: Measuring Engagement in the Bridge Playbook.

Configure your Engage survey in the Bridge platform with the questions or statements you’d like to present to your employees. You can copy and paste from the suggested default engagement survey questions below, or you can use the guidelines included in the spreadsheet to create your own questions or statements.


Please note these questions are in beta. Prior to the Engagement Survey being generally available for all customers, the engagement default survey will be revised and include information about how to write effective questions.


CareerThe role I am in is meaningfully connected to the long-term vision I have for my career.


I receive constructive feedback that helps me improve my performance.
ManagerI would recommend my manager to others.
TeamI trust and respect my work team.
RecommendI would recommend <COMPANY> as a place to work.
ResourcesI have the resources I need to do my job well.
EmpowermentI am empowered to make decisions about my work.
Culture<COMPANY> has a great culture.
RetentionI rarely think about looking for a new job.
AlignmentI have done something in the last month that contributes to <COMPANY>'s mission.
GrowthI have regular opportunities to develop my professional skills.
RecognitionI am recognized for my accomplishments.
What are we doing that we should stop?What are we doing that we should stop?
What are we not doing that we should start?What are we not doing that we should start?
Anything else?Anything else?