3 - Discovering Drivers Extended Timeline Tutorial

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This document is part of Step 3: Discovering Drivers in the Bridge Playbook.

Career Drivers provide improved career vision and confidence for your employees.


Timeline dates are based on the number of days before or after the date you roll out Career Drivers to your company. For instance, T-1 represents one day before your launch date, while T+7 represents seven days after your launch date.


*Variable times require additional planning and implementation as determined by the needs of your company


T-21 Compile [Spreadsheet] Bridge Driver Card Deck Shipping List

Prep time average: 30 minutes


As part of the onboarding process, copy and complete the Bridge Driver Card Deck Shipping List spreadsheet to order your career driver cards. As part of the spreadsheet data, include your office name, the name of the recipient who will manage the cards, the recipient’s email address, the office address, and the number of career driver card decks needed. The number of decks should be the number of managers plus 5% additional (for instance, in case some cards get lost or ruined).


In the spreadsheet, add a new row for each office in your company that needs to receive career driver cards.


When complete, share the spreadsheet with your Customer Success Manager.


T-14 Receive Confirmation of Shipped Career Driver Cards

Prep time average: 5 minutes


Approximately two weeks before your rollout date, the career driver card decks will be shipped to your office(s). Shipment information will be emailed to the office recipient included in the shipping list spreadsheet, along with a message indicating to watch carefully for their arrival.


~T-7 Receive Career Driver Cards & Plan Distribution Strategy

Prep time average: 30 minutes


Once the office recipient(s) receive(s) the card decks and notifies you of their arrival, create a plan for how to distribute the cards to all managers in the office in seven days.


T-7 Create Bridge Live Training Sessions

Prep time average: variable*


Plan and create your live training sessions, including the dates you want to host the sessions and how many managers can be included in each training. You’ll want to copy the Live Training Session Template to help with your planning. Template Coming Soon


T-5 Send [Email] Introduction to Career Driver Exercise - Managers

Prep time average: 10 minutes


Let your managers know that the Career Driver exercise is coming, along with a deck of cards. You can use the Introduction to Career Drivers Exercise - Managers email as a template. You may want to customize the email with your own messaging about how managers should expect to receive the deck of cards and when.


T-3 Send [Email] Introduction to Career Driver Exercise - Employees

Prep time average: 10 minutes


Give your employees notice that the Career Driver exercise is coming and that their manager will be setting aside time to help them discover their drivers! You can use the Introduction to Career Drivers Exercise - Employees email as a template. Most employees appreciate knowing about such activities so they can plan their schedules and find time with their manager that may be less busy than others. They’ll also know what to expect from the exercise ahead of time.


T-2 Customize [Course Library] Career Driver Manager Training

Prep time average: 20 minutes


Download the Leading Effective Career Driver Conversations Library Course and upload it as a course package into your Bridge account. You’re welcome to review this course before publishing, but it’s all ready to go! This course teaches your managers how to lead effective career driver conversations with their employees.


Enroll all managers in the Bridge course.



T-0 Distribute Career Driver Cards

Participation time average: variable*


Implement the previously created plan to distribute career driver cards to each manager in each of your company’s offices.


T-0 Publish [Course Library] Career Driver Manager Training

Prep time average: 10 minutes


Publish the Bridge course for all managers. Each manager will receive an email notification about how to view and complete the course.


T-0 Send [Email] Career Driver Manager Training (Extended)

Prep time average: 10 minutes


It’s time to officially introduce your managers to the Career Drivers Exercise using the Career Driver Manager Training (Extended) email. All managers should have received an invitation to the Bridge course, but just in case, create a public link to the Bridge course and include it in the email. Make sure your managers can access this important resource!


This email also notifies managers of upcoming live training sessions. They’ll be able to go through the Bridge course first to learn the basics, and then the live session allows them to observe and focus on specific principles explained in the course.



T+7, T+10, T+14 Host Manager Live Training Sessions

Participation time average: variable*


Live trainings are here! Your managers will appreciate hands-on training and demonstrations about how to effectively facilitate the Career Driver exercise. Download and distribute the Career Driver Manager Live Training Session handout.


T+21 Send [Email] Career Driver Manager Reminder

Prep time average: 10 minutes


Post training, use the Career Driver Manager Reminder email to remind managers to complete the career driver exercise with their employees, and to say thank you for those who have already completed the exercise. You may want to customize this email to mention how they should let you know they’ve completed the exercise with all their employees so that you don’t send them any additional followup emails.


T+28 Send [Email] Manager Followup

Prep time average: 20 minutes


If you know you have managers who haven’t completed the career drivers exercise, send a Career Driver Manager Followup email and encourage them to complete the exercise as soon as possible. This followup can also be done at the director or department level.


Repeat this process each week with managers who have not yet completed the exercise until all managers in the company have met with their employees.