How do I Make the Switch to SAML 2.0?

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We have made an adjustment to the way Bridge works with SAML authentication, and wanted to provide some information because if you utilize SAML for authentication into Bridge this change will affect you. In order to continue accessing Bridge through SAML, you will need to make the necessary changes in your authentication configuration as soon as possible.


The changes are simple but do require changes on both the IDP side and Bridge. Below are links to documentation for many of the more common IDPs to walk you through how to make these updates.


However, if you would like to schedule a time for a call with a Bridge Implementation Consultant to provide guidance on the new Bridge SSO solution, please use this link to schedule a time.





To successfully configure you will need:

  • A SAML service
  • The URL for your IdP metadata
  • The following information from your IdP:


    SAML IdP Entity ID
    SAML Certificate Fingerprint or X.509 Certificate
    SAML Single Sign On URL
    SAML NameID Format
    SAML Authentication Context (Optional)



Common SAML Services and Documentation