Which browsers does Bridge support?

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Because it's built using web standards, Bridge runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser.

Flash is used minimally but it is not required.

Supported Browsers

As of June 13, 2019, Bridge supports the current and first previous major releases of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft IE 11
  • Chrome 74 and 75
  • Safari 11 and 12
  • Firefox 66 and 67 (Extended Releases are not supported)
  • Flash 31 and 32 (viewing audio/video and uploading files) 


Note: Arc webcam capture is only supported by Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Desktop Browser Updates

You should always use the most current version of your preferred browser. Your browser will notify you if there is a new version available and walk you through the update process.

You can also download the latest version of your desktop browser directly. Click the name of your browser below to visit your browser's download page:

Known Browser Behaviors

Like all Bridge features, contrary behaviors relating to browsers are prioritized by our product teams, and some behaviors in the previous version may not be resolved. If a behavior exists in the previous version of the browser that does not exist in the current version, the best solution is to update to the newest browser version.

Bridge on Mobile Devices

Bridge is optimized for desktop displays and provides limited support on mobile devices. Bridge performs best in a mobile device's native browser and on devices that have a minimum screen size of 1024px.

Not all features may be supported on mobile devices for all user roles. However, Bridge offers limited support for native mobile browsers on mobile devices. For additional details, please reference the limited-support mobile browser guidelines.

Note: The Arc interface is optimized for desktop displays and is not officially supported on mobile browsers.

Mobile Browsers

Visit the Apple store or the Play store to download mobile browsers. The following major browsers are compatible with mobile devices:


  • Safari (iOS native browser)
  • Chrome
  • Photon Flash Player (supports Flash


  • Browser
  • Internet
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

Note: Android default browsers vary per mobile device.

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