How do I create a subaccount?

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Subaccounts may be used to manage permissions and organizational hierarchy within a company's instance of Bridge. For example, subaccounts can be created for different locations of a company, or for extended enterprise units. There is no limit to the number of subaccounts that can be created in an account.


  • Once a subaccount has been created it cannot be deleted. However, subaccounts can be deactivated.
  • This feature is not available in Bridge for Teams accounts.
  • This feature is enabled by default for account admins, but can be turned on for admins and IT admins.

Open Admin Menu

  Open Admin Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Admin menu option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Subaccounts

  Open Sub Accounts

In the Account Management menu [1], click the Subaccounts link [2].

Add Account

  Add Account

Click the Add Account button.

Title Subaccount

Title Sub Account

On the account summary page, enter the name of your domain [1] and subaccount [2]. The domain name will be the first part of the url that users will use to access the subaccount.

Note: The domain name cannot contain dashes and must be unique to your Bridge instance.

Add Subaccount Contact Info

Add Sub Account Contact Info

Enter the name [1], phone number [2], and email address [3] of the main contact for the subaccount. This information will be used to provide support for the subaccount.

Set Preferences

Set Notification and Language Preferences

Users receive specific notifications based on their user role. To enable or disable email notifications for the subaccount, click the Notifications toggle button [1].

Select the default language from the drop-down menu [2] and set the default timezone [3].

Create Subaccount

Create Sub Account

To create the subaccount, click the Create button.

Add Administrators

Add Administrators

Once the subaccount has been created, select the Administrators tab and click the Add Administrator button [1]. Then, enter the email of the administrator for the subaccount in the Email field [2]. The administrator will receive a welcome email that will guide them through the Bridge account set-up process. The administrator will be automatically assigned the account admin role.

You can begin adding users, adding courses, and managing other account settings in your new subaccount.

Note: Admins, as well as all other Bridge users, can only exist in one subaccount. However, account admins created in the top-level account can access and interact within all subaccounts.

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