How do I view team engagement survey results as a manager?

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When a survey closes, you will receive an email notification inviting you to review your direct reports' results including the team score, comments, team participation, and team engagement by factor.

Engagement surveys include a variety of questions or statements that may ask your employees to measure agreement, comparison, frequency, importance, likelihood, or quality. All responses are submitted anonymously.


  • To view your direct reports' results, the manager dashboard must be enabled when creating a survey.
  • In order to see question result data, your engagement survey must have at least one factor associated with it.

Open Email Notification

  Open Email Notification

In your email inbox, locate the survey results notification and click the See your Results link.

View Team Results Summary

  View Results Summary

In the Summary tab [1], you can view your team's results of the survey. The team score and score history displays the average of all the Likert questions [2]. You can view the number of comments [3]. The team participation rate is the average of users who completed the survey [4].

The Team engagement by factor graph displays the highest, average, and lowest scores of the factors included in the survey [5].

The Recommended Courses section displays courses you can take to improve your scores, if needed [6].

View Comments

  View Comments

In the Comments tab, you can view the survey comments.

View Sentiment Analysis

  View Sentiment Analysis

The Sentiment Analysis graph displays the frequent and infrequent negative comments [1] and frequent and infrequent and positive comments [2].

Each factor in the survey is represented by a dot. To view the factor name, hover over the dot [3].

To view comments with room to improve, click the room to improve button [4].

To view comments that describe areas that went well, click the went well button [5].

View Standout Topics

  View Standout Topics

The Standout Topics graph displays groups of common topics and themes within the negative, neutral, or positive sentiments.

To display a certain sentiment, click the negative, neutral, or positive button [1].

To view a common topic name and how many mentions it has in the comments, hover over the dot [2].

View Individual Comments

  View Individual Comments

The Individual Comments section displays the comments on the survey. In the Search field [1], enter a term to search for in the comments.

You can respond to all comments in your team [2]. Any replies received to those responses are still anonymous, but they allow you to begin a dialog about a comment, if necessary.

To export the comments as a CSV file, click the Export to CSV link [3]. To filter comments, click the Filter by menu [4]. You can filter the comments by factor, sentiment, and conversations. To hide the questions, click the Hide questions link [5].

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