How do I add desired skills in the Career Everest page as an employee?

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As part of your career development plan, you can search and add the desired skills in your Career Everest page to identify the skills you need to develop to be successful at the peak of your career.

This should be completed after you add your career drivers and complete the Daily Activities exercise. Career drivers and your responses in the Daily Activities exercise will affect the skills you want to develop. To view a list of default Bridge skills, visit the Bridge Default Skills PDF.


  • The skills you add to the Career Everest page will also display in your Bridge directory profile.
  • Adding a skill to your profile will automatically add you to that skill community.

Open Career Everest

  Open Career Everest

In the My Career page, click the Everest link.

Open Desired Skills

  Open Desired Skills

Click the Desired Skills arrow icon.

Add Desired Skill

  Search for Desired Skill

In the Search for a skill field [1], begin typing the skill name to populate a list of skills. To add a desired skill to your Career Plan, click the name of the skill [2].

Add Custom Skill

  Desired Skills page showing the skill search bar and custom Add skill option

If the skill you want to add is not in your organization's skill list, you can create a custom skill. To create a custom skill, enter the skill name in the search field and click the Add link.

Note: Custom skills that you create will appear in skill searches performed by all members of your organization.

View Added Desired Skill

  View Added Desired Skill

Describe how the skill relates to your career by entering text in the text box [1]. Your responses are saved automatically. To delete a skill, click the Delete icon [2].

To add another skill, click the Add Another Skill link [3].

To return to your Daily Activities exercise, click the Activities link [4]. To move onto the next step of your career plan, click the Roles link [5].

To return to the Career Everest page, click the Climb Up link [6].

View Desired Skills in Career Everest

  View Desired Skills in Career Everest

View your desired skills in the Career Everest page.

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