How do I approve a checkpoint?

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Once a user has submitted a checkpoint, if the Requires Approval option is enabled, the checkpoint needs to be approved by the user's designated approver.


  • Users in a group that requires a checkpoint approval do not receive a notification when a checkpoint is approved.
  • Some features may be restricted based on permissions for your user role.

Open Checkpoint Approval Email

Open Checkpoint Approval Email

In your email inbox, locate the checkpoint approval request, and click the View Checkpoint button.

View Pending Checkpoint

  View User's Checkpoint

To download the checkpoint evidence, click the file name link [1]. You can also view the checkpoint submission information which includes the date the checkpoint was submitted, files attached to the checkpoint, and who is assigned to approve the pending checkpoint [2].

Request Resubmission

  Approve Checkpoint

To request that the user resubmit the checkpoint, click the Try Again link.

Confirm Resubmission Request

Enter Resubmisson Details

In the text field, enter a message to the user [1]. To confirm the resubmission request, click the Try Again link [2]. To cancel the resubmission request, click the Cancel link [3].

Approve Checkpoint

  Approve Checkpoint

To approve the checkpoint, click the Approved link.

Confirm Checkpoint Approval

Confirm Checkpoint Approval

In the text field, enter a message to the user [1]. To cancel the approval, click the Cancel link [2]. To confirm the approval, click the Approved link [3].

View Approval Completion

View Approval Confirmation

Once the checkpoint has been approved, you will be shown a completion page detailing the checkpoint approvals [1]. To return to the Approvals page, click the Back to My Approvals link [2].

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