How are comments managed in the Bridge Guides?

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A Call for Comments

Thank you for reading the Guides. The Guides are a complementary resource to all Instructure customers, and as we believe in being open and transparent, we welcome your comments to making the guides a valued service.

Comments Process

We value your comments in the Guides! In our previous community, comment submissions may have appeared to be unacknowledged, but in this community, you can see every comment you make, and you'll always receive a reply as to the status of your comment. Most likely you'll get a reply from a Community Manager, who will either help address your question or tag the article with an action for the Bridge Documentation Team.

Documentation Updates

The Bridge Documentation Teamtakes all action items into consideration and makes updates and improvements based on several considerations, one of which is the current priorities for the team as well as the value of the comment for the entire Bridge community. Like the product team, we have a backlog of documentation improvements, and also like our product friends, we have to weigh the amount of work involved. Some comments are easy to incorporate while others require an entire overhaul of an article (or multiple articles). Please understand that some comments cannot be incorporated, and some may take some time to update.

The Guides are treated differently than all other areas of the Bridge Community. In typical communities, an article would be marked as outdated when a new version is published, and this process would be followed if we were a traditional software company with infrequent releases and versions. However, as Bridge maintains frequent release schedules, we prefer to keep all existing guide article URLs intact for the benefit of everyone especially for all of our users who love to link to Bridge content.

Comment Updates

As Guides are meant to be as current as possible, comments in the guides are also treated with the same policy. When someone from the Bridge Documentation Team replies to your comment, your comment will also be deleted after a few days. This protocol helps us keep all aspects of the documentation article updated for all users. You'll be able to view any changes to the article by viewing the link to previous versions. And if your comment wasn't completely resolved, please let us know again and we'll make it right!

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for contributing to the Guides!

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