How do I explore skill communities?

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Skill communities are groups organized around Bridge skills that facilitate mentoring opportunities. Skill communities show your peers which skills you are interested in learning more about and which skills you are willing to help your peers develop. You can access skill communities by searching for skills in the Bridge directory or by clicking the skills listed in an employee's profile.

To view a list of default Bridge skills, visit the Bridge Default Skills PDF.

Open Search

  Open Search

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Search icon.

Search Directory

  Search Directory

In the Search field, begin typing the name of a skill. The results of your search automatically populate below.

If no results automatically populate while you type, finish typing the search term and press the Return or Enter key on your keyboard.

View Search Results

  Image of directory search page

The skill community cards and directory profile cards that partially or fully match your search term will display below the Search field. To open a skill community from the search results, click the a skill community card [1]. To view a skill community from a user's directory profile, click the user's profile card [2].

View Directory Profile

  Directory profile page with a skill button highlighted

Click a skill button from the Interests and Skills section of the user's profile.

View Skill Community

Skill Community page

A skill community contains the profile cards of employees who are willing to mentor their peers on a skill [1], employees who would like to develop a skill [2], and employees who are generally interested in a skill [3]. 

If you have joined a skill community, an indicator will display next to the peer group you have joined within the skill community [4]. To join a skill, click the I Also... button associated with a peer group within the skill community [5]. To remove yourself from a skill, click the Remove link [6].

Note: You can also join a skill community by adding the skill to your directory profile.

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