Virtual User Group - SEPT: The Interlinked Discipline of Effective Employee Development

Created by Shash Cates Employee on Aug 6, 2019

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at Virtual: Register below

Starts at 9:00 AM · Ends at 10:00 AM, MST (America/Phoenix)

  • Heidi Hess-Bynum
  • Ben Liff
  • Shash Cates
  • Jenni Moore

When it comes to employee development, there isn’t a magic cure-all.  One size never fits all. What works for some, may not work for others. Yet as with anything that’s effective, development programs often have many interlinked components. In this webinar, Hannah Gore from Solera and Heidi Hess-Bynum from Bluegrass Cellular discussed if separating your people from the process allows for better, deeper engagement or if immersing their experience in development allows for a more effective program. 


During this discussion, attendees:

  • Learned more about the six core tenets of effective employee development: Strategy, Culture, Styles, Taxonomies, Design, and Analytics
  • Received more insight about what is required to affect your employee development program chain and the five intermediaries you need to evaluate along the way


Missed the webinar?  Listen to the on-demand session >

Virtual: Register below