Weiwei Zhang

BridgeCon 2020 CFP open

Blog Post created by Weiwei Zhang on Dec 11, 2019

This is not a real blog post, but more of an information item just in case you didn't see the email announcing the call for proposal is now open for BridgeCon 2020. https://www.instructure.com/bridge/bridgecon


The call for proposal closes 1/17/2020. I actually couldn't find the submit for proposal area from the BridgeCon website. I only saw the link to the proposal submission form from the email I received. The link takes me to a google form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdN6YtwhN7AJtZtva5uEQ-aMhTWfVfxvuawrbcbMbsqQzmJGw/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTURZeU1HVmlOREUxWVRsbSIsInQiOiJGaTRoTFBUVFZxbXJGYjJ4RmdPUzFQWklxUkdFejFyWkxiSU9GdWJpdG9HU0JtXC9nTXBUQmRwSzhcL085YUVuOWxEVzdEb2VFTWlFd0FQbmVJOThmeUdXdU1YeWF1K21aZzJSK1RxTWsybVBtN1wvdXRRQTdJcWVHblVNak9GZFgrYyJ9


It would be great to see more of us from higher ed presenting!