Scott Dennis

Meet the Bridge Team: Nikki Bodily

Blog Post created by Scott Dennis Employee on Apr 6, 2016

1.jpgNikki Bodily is one of the many people working 24/7 to support Bridge users and deliver an amazing user experience.


Nikki is a Level Two (L2) Support Technician for Instructure.  She has been with Instructure since the beginning of 2014.  Nikki rose quickly to L2 and shortly there after moved over to start up the Bridge support team.  “Ooh, Pretty!” was her first reaction when Nikki saw Bridge. She wanted to move to the Bridge team because it sounded fun and interesting and she was looking for a challenge.


nikki painting.jpg

Nikki has been working in various aspects of customer service since she was 17, including several tech support positions prior to coming to Instructure.  “I like working at Instructure because you can’t just let stuff slide.  You have to be yourself and ask questions.  I always know that I will have the tools I need to do my job and that if there is a problem, it will get handled.”  Nikki also says that she also likes working at Instructure because of the informal and comfortable work environment.  "I like working with Bridge users because they are generally pleasant and understand that we are here to help them.  I like working with international customers.  Talking to people from all around the world is exciting."


Nikki has three dogs (Miniature Schnauzer, Maltese, Shitzu mix).  A Salt Lake Native, she loves to cook and bake and draw and watch scary B movies.