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Meet the Bridge Team: Troy Anderson

Blog Post created by Biray Seitz Employee on Jun 2, 2016

We had the opportunity to catch up with Troy Anderson, Director-Talent Management at Instructure. We talked Bridge stuff, DIY projects and the Utah Starzz (more on that later).



"Bridge allows me the possibility of keeping content fresh."


According to Troy, deploying a course with most LMS’s is just like driving a new car off the dealer lot. The minute you do, it has already depreciated. Therefore, Troy constantly strives to keep his content current, relevant and applicable. And he believes that Bridge makes this process quick and easy for him.


It shouldn't come as a surprise to know the company developing Bridge also leverages it to train its own employees. Like other professionals in his role, Troy is tasked to design and deliver company-wide employee development and leadership programs. His latest authoring project was “Being an International Manager at Instructure,” a course targeting those unique global management skills.


"Design to outcome."


When asked about his design process in Bridge, his response is his mantra: design to outcome (or as Dr. Stephen Covey of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People would say: begin with the end in mind). "I always try to think about what needs to be accomplished with a course or training. Starting with the outcome and designing back from there helps me with more effective and relevant content and a better learning experience," he says.


Of course, it helps to gauge employee interest on a topic or series before jumping into the design process. Troy often starts by deploying a simple survey to the employee group he is targeting. "Using surveys can be a great communication method to hone in on the right learning deployment methods," he says.


"People are amazing."


Troy is constantly fascinated with people. He is curious to know how they learn, interact and what they do. "I’m never disappointed because people are amazing." Perhaps that's what drives him to strive to find ways to teach them, as well.


We actually think Troy is amazing, too. When he's not designing courses for everyone, you'll find him working in his yard or taking on his next DIY home furniture projects! He's originally from Bountiful, UT and makes his home there, as well. "It’s a great place to raise a family and still has the charm of a smaller town," he boasts. "[It's got a] great main street that you can stroll down on a summer’s evening!"


And before designing courses in Bridge, Troy had this fun job to start up a slam-dunk and stunt team for the WNBA basketball team in Salt Lake called the Utah Starzz. "It was so much fun creating high-energy entertainment for basketball games with a team of amazing athletes who were down right crazy," he reminisces. (Knowing Troy, we suspect he made them do some tricks and stunts that were outrageous!)


"It would have been cool to have taken a course relating to that [slam-dunk and stunt team] job," he says. "I can see myself learning in Bridge about ways to throw a mascot from the 3-point line through the air to make a slam dunk basket during halftime!" (That would be pretty awesome!)


A Question for the Bridge Community


When we asked Troy what he'd like to know from the community, he was curious to learn ways Bridge users design programs to meet overall learning objectives. For instance, do they couple courses and live training to create a more comprehensive learning experience?



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