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Meet the Bridge Team: Ben Bolton

Blog Post created by Renee Carney Employee on Jun 15, 2016

We sat down with Ben Bolton, QA Automation Lead, otherwise known as, the guy responsible for quality assurance for Bridge. He set aside his 'non-automated' life to talk passion, talent and ways both lead to his work on Bridge.


Industry best practices attracts the best


When you are in the profession of providing confidence in a product, you leave nothing to chance. "I love the openness and the drive people have [at Instructure] to be their best," says Ben about his team and co-workers. "I work with some first class people!"


When it comes to Bridge, it's not just about ensuring successful end-to-end testing in multi-component environments (although that does sound pretty impressive!). Day-to-day, Ben helps to ensure the product delivers effective performance. But, if you ask him what he likes most about Bridge, he'd tell you why he really supports the efforts being made with Bridge integrations. "Rich content providers like and Open Sesame ... makes a great LMS that much better by giving people access to premium content."


Wood-working to motorcycle restoration


It's not all testing-testing-testing, of course. This Oregon-raised rockstar is all about fueling his passions, which includes his family and "making life better for my kids." If you catch him on the weekends, you might find him playing golf or tackling a wood-working project. He encourages others to be unafraid to try new experiences and foster their passion. As for Ben, he's been hoping to get started on his motorcycle restoration project he's been wanting to do. Maybe after another few rounds of testing...


Question for the Community


When we asked Ben what he'd like to know from other Bridge users, he wanted to learn more about their pain points in using Bridge and ways to overcome them.



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