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Meet the Bridge Team: Jeremy Farnsworth

Blog Post created by Biray Seitz Employee on Jun 17, 2016

If you look up the word "support" in a thesaurus, you'll see synonyms such as "cornerstone" and "reinforcement". And that's exactly how we'd describe Jeremy Farnsworth, the Bridge Support Manager.


"My role is to continually raise the bar."


Fortunately for us, Jeremy's does raise the bar. The last employee training course he completed (and yes, we use Bridge internally to train employees, too - surprise, surprise) was a leadership course on building strong management skills. His role is to train, lead, and guide the support team so they provide world-class service to every client. And when he's not troubleshooting common issues in Bridge (which usually are related to password resets and how-to questions), he's developing his team to be better support agents, as well as, helping them prepare themselves for future opportunities. 


Community Love


We asked Jeremy to share some tips to help Bridge users effectively leverage this platform. And you know what he said? Utilize the Bridge Community! (No prompts required!) "In the community you can follow new features, find helpful guides, and see our roadmap," he says. But more importantly, he would love to see the Community Q&A space track more activity. "This is a great way to share some of your knowledge with others, from course design, insights into SCORM courses or settings, and really anything in between." For support teams, the collective intelligence of a community can be powerful in troubleshooting, but offering new ways of doing things, as well.


"Everything I do is really centered around my family."

Born in Richfield, UT and currently residing in Salt Lake City area, Jeremy continues to follow his passion. "I've gone back to school and changed careers to put my family in a better position in life and show my daughters the importance of education," he says. With a couple of Associates Degrees plus a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology under his belt, his path eventually led to his job at Instructure. But... if he had an extended weekend to himself, his path might lead him to Alaska for a fishing trip that entails catching halibut and king salmon. "I’ve always loved the outdoors and would that type of experience."


Question for the Bridge Community


When we asked Jeremy what he'd like to know from other Bridge users, he wanted to pick the brains of the creative course designers in Bridge. "I’ve seen some amazing courses built in Bridge," he says. "I’d like to sit down with some of these course designers and learn their processes for planning and putting together these courses."



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